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Month: January 2019

The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Posted on 26/01/2019

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner . The tradition of St. Valentine and the love associated with him goes back to Roman times. It is thought that the Emperor Claudius prohibited Roman soldiers from marrying as he wanted them to be fully committed to their duties.…

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Pregnancy Massage in Cheltenham

Posted on 16/01/2019

Pregnancy Massage is often provided in a side-laying position

The body goes through so many changes during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy. The lower back arches as the baby bump increases in size and some ladies round their shoulders as their breasts become heavier.…

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Buy one treatment, get one half price!

Posted on 02/01/2019

We’re starting the New Year off with a great offer.  Just book in with Jo, Jess or Ainsley for a treatment during January and you’ll get your next appointment with us half price.  Yes that’s right – half price.  …

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