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Autumn – Skin Changes

Posted on 04/10/2017

Dry skin. Look after your skin in Autumn. Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage

‘What’s happening to my skin?’

‘My skin’s changing.’

‘My skin is getting really dry.’

‘My skin gets itchy in Autumn and Winter’


As we move from Summer to Autumn it is usual to see changes to our skin. Depending on your skin type, you may struggle with the feel and look of your skin or you actually may prefer the cooler temperatures as your skin dries, compared to your ‘normal’ oily complexion.

In Autumn and Winter there is reduced humidity in the air. When we start to use central heating this further reduces mositure levels, really drying out our environment.  The decreasing moisture levels in the air draw moisture from your skin, resulting in a drier/dehydrated feel. When your skin is drier it can feel itchy and tight and fine and deep lines will become more obvious. If you already have dry or dehydrated skin, this can become a real issue, as skin can become irritated and sometimes sensitized.

For people with an oily complexion, the dryer air may help their skin to feel less greasy and reduce congestion, so these people can actually benefit from the environmental changes.

Apart from maintaining a regular skin care regime and having professional facial treatments, there are other things you can do to help your skin.


Here’s Kerry’s top tips to help your skin in Autumn and Winter:


Tip One: Look at what you are cleansing with

You may wish to use a cream cleanser at this time of year as it is more moisturizing to the skin. Avoid harsh, drying products. Facial wipes and gels may not be best as they may contribute to the dryness.


Tip Two: Spritz with a toner

Toners used to be useful to put on cotton pads to then apply to the face after cleansing, in order to aid the removal of any product. Many modern day cleansers are removed easily and so the real role of the toner is to add hydration to the skin. If your toner isn’t packaged in a spritz bottle, you could purchase one and then keep it in your handbag/manbag. Spritzing over make-up is fine too. If you don’t have a toner you could buy a brand like Dermalogica, where they also contain active ingredients to feed the skin. Alternatively, a simple Rose Water spray (without alcohol) will help you to hydrate your skin.


Tip Three: Up your moisturiser

It sounds obvious, but you may actually need to change the mosituriser you use from season to season. A thicker texture moisturiser or facial oil at night can really restore your skin whilst you sleep.


Tip Four: Use a humidifier

If you struggle with the dryness at work or at home consider purchasing a humidifier. Lost moisture will be put back into the air, with a positive effect on your skin with little effort from you.


Tip Five: Drink water

Unless it’s really a habit you’ve developed, most people drink less water in Autumn and Winter, preferring to grab the warming tea or coffee. It’s well known that water helps with blood circulation and the renewal of fresh skin cells. Not drinking enough will lead to your body being sluggish inside and out.

Tip Six: Eat well and feed your skin

We know that many foods contain Vitamins and antioxidants that will positively influence the health of you skin. Green tea, avocados, oily fish, carrots, tomatoes and kale are just a few items that you could consider adding to your shopping list. Vitamin C can be very useful in the production of collagen, and it is this that gives the skin its strength. We want to encourage the production of collagen, especially as we age.


If you would like skin advice, book a facial treatment at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage for a bespoke service with top notch products.