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Exciting new LED Phototherapy room at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage

Posted on 16/09/2020

We are super excited about our two new LED Phototherapy light machines here at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage.  Come and experience our new welcoming, relaxing space and make the most of their benefits.

LED room

So what are the benefits of LED Phototherapy? 

The treatment covers the use of three LED lights; Blue, Red and Near-Infrared, and these focus on stimulating different areas of the skin cell production.

Depending on what concerns you have about your skin – your therapist will recommend the relevant LED light to improve it.


The Blue LED light

This is effective at neutralising or killing the bacterial cells, particularly good for those suffering from acne. It can also decongest the skin as well as normalise the production of sebum, the skin’s natural oil.  As a result of killing bacteria, skin pores can shrink and future breakouts can be prevented.


The Red LED light

This helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and is also known for its wound healing properties.  The red light can improve skin texture, fine lines and deep tissue healing. With its high nano-metre range, the red light can travel deeper into the skin than the blue light.

By combining the Red and Blue LED light in a treatment, your skin will be soothed as it provides an anti-inflammatory response and is also great for irritated skin.


Near-Infrared LED light

This calms redness and irritation and accelerates healing around wounds. It has also been shown to reduce swelling and is an ideal treatment on sensitive skins and can help with rosacea.


What’s the cost of the new LED Phototherapy room and treatments?

We are offering a range of ways you can benefit from the LED Phototherapy treatments and these include:

  1. LED treatment within a full facial treatment (1hr) – £67
  2. Consultation + cleanse + tone + selected serum + 30 mins LED + hot towel & selected moisturiser – £45
  3. Self-service LED – visit our LED phototherapy room – £30
  4. Add LED-phototherapy to another treatment – 30 mins LED whilst receiving a reflexology treatment – £25


You can read more about the benefits of this new treatment and who it is suitable on our LED Phototherapy treatment pages.

Give us a call on 01242 255440 to talk to a therapist or book in for your treatment.