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Experience an LED Facial at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage

Posted on 07/10/2020

The new Dermalux Flex LED machines we have at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage are able to provide light therapy for a range of skin concerns.  The non-thermal LED light energy triggers your body’s natural cell processes enabling acceleration of rejuvenation and repair to the skin.

LED facials are recommended for a variety of concerns including:

And light therapy not only improves your skin, it is also a very calming treatment and so helps to reduce stress.

Come and visit us at our LED Phototherapy room…and relax.

LED room

Below are just some of the skin concerns we see with our clients and a before and after picture to show you how the new Dermalux Flex LED machine can help either as a stand alone treatment or as part of an LED facial.

Mild or severe acne?

Something that most of us suffer with at some point.  It might be due to the environment, stress or a change in hormones.  Whatever has triggered it – an LED facial can help to reduce the build-up of bacteria by using the blue LED light.  There is no irritation, the production of oil is reduced, and the treatment aids to prevent future breakouts.


Your skin can develop hyperpigmentation which is the darkening of the skin through an increase in the production of melanin.  These brown spots usually appear on the face and other areas of the body.  It may be due to the sun, following an injury or inflammation – a burn, acne or a cut for example.  Hyperpigmentation is also something you see more of as you grow older.

Depending on how the hyperpigmentation has developed, your therapist will recommend either the red LED light or a combination of the red LED light and near infrared LED light.

Sensitive skin or redness

Sensitive skin is something that can be triggered from a change in the weather, spicy foods, a change in washing detergent or even perfume.  Your skin may become dry and itchy, feel irritated and become red or blotchy.  The use of Near infrared LED light can help calm your skin so that if feels less irritated and can visibly reduce the redness.  This can be used on its own or in combination with a facial treatment using tailored products that are ultra calming.

Reducing fine lines and improving the skin’s elasticity

As we get older our skin cells slow in the production of elastin and collagen.  Our skin becomes less plump and fine lines appear.  With the use of the red LED light and near infrared LED light, this combination works deeper into the skin and helps to stimulate the growth of cells and improve the look of the skin.

For full details of the treatments we offer visit the LED Phototherapy Facial section of our website or give us a call on 01242 255440 to discuss your requirements.