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ProFacial Discusses Facial Serums

Posted on 30/08/2023

A serum is a more lightweight and potent moisturiser, containing a higher concentration of ingredients,  and is probably one of the simplest ways to personalise your skin routine and target specific skin concerns.
To choose the right serum, you would need to understand your skin type and concerns for the serum to be most effective. We have provided a brief description to help you understand your skin type along with our recommended serums.

Normal Skin– is neither too oily or too dry and is considered a well-balanced skin type. It has a soft appearance and texture with little to none blemishes and good blood circulation.

At ProFacials we recommend using Eve Taylor’s Hydrating serum   – with key ingredients ideal for maintaining your skin’s hydration.

Sensitive Skin – if you find your skin reacts quickly to products and temperatures, it’s quite possible you may have sensitive skin. Although there could be other factors to consider that is causing skin discomfort but generally you may find your skin reacts in the form of itchiness, redness, and tightness.

At ProFacials we recommend using Eve Taylor’s Calming & Soothing serums. Both are ideal for reducing redness and help strengthen the skin’s surface.

Oily Skin – not to be confused with ”combination” skin types. Oily skin has an overall shiny appearance and greasy feel. This skin type is prone to enlarged spores, acne and blemishes. Skin care for oily skin is centred around using products that reduce both the sebum production and oil that clogs up your pores.

At ProFacials we recommend using Eve Taylor’s Clearing serum – it deeply purifies the skin and targets blemishes by re-balancing the skin’s natural oil.

Combination Skin – described as having both dry and oily skin, usually identified along your T-zone with a shiny appearance and dry cheeks.

At ProFacials we recommend using Eve Taylor’s Balancing serum – the perfect serum to help protect the delicate balance of your skin’s natural oils and moisture.

Dry Skin – this skin type is usually genetic but can be influenced by environmental factors, age and health status. It is prone to flakiness, itchiness, dullness,  fine lines and wrinkles which is why it’s really important to help your skin stay hydrated. Investing in products that both nourish and rehydrate the skin such as an oil base moisturiser is key.

At ProFacials we recommend using Eve Taylor’s Brightening, Nourishing and Hydrating serums to help rebalance the skin’s moisture and give your skin back it’s natural radiance.

Menopausal Skin – As the skin ages, the dryer it may become, so adjustments in your skincare routine may need to be altered. When it comes to menopause, your skin will experience unfavourable changes as the hormone oestrogen declines. Both collagen and elastin, proteins found in the skin which are responsible for providing structural support, tissue repair and elasticity to the skin, will slowly deplete resulting in sagging of the skin, wrinkles, dehydration and thinning.

At ProFacials we recommend using Eve Taylor’s Rejuvenating, Firming, Nourishing & Line Minimising  serums – all of which are ideal for providing the nutrients and oils that reinforces the skin, softening the appearance of wrinkles and introducing hydration back into the skin.

Now that you know how to identify your skin type and which serum you should be using, how do you use them?

Using a serum couldn’t be more easy and it can be applied once or twice a day. Following your usual facial cleansing routine, simply apply the serum using your fingertips to the whole of your face and neck. A little goes a long way so you only need a couple of drops. Your moisturiser can then be applied to help lock in the moisture and hydration.

The bottom line is, a serum is the easiest way to amp up your skin routine, but like many of us it can be overwhelming to work out your skin type and which serum would be most effective for you. If you would like to discuss your skin concerns more then please feel free to visit us or why not book our Essential ProFacial60 Prescriptive Facial Treatment  where we will analyse your skin, provide you with a rejuvenating treatment and recommend the best skin routine for you.