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Gift Vouchers for Relaxation at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage

Posted on 30/11/2018

 I love nothing better than receiving an ‘experience’ for Christmas. To know that someone else has thought about me and chosen a gift that gives me enjoyment is amazing!  Even better, there’s no dusting of ornaments or month’s worth of toiletries to use up!

At Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage we offer fantastic gift vouchers for Women and Men. Our focus is well-being and Relaxation, so if you know someone who has been feeling stressed, has discomfort in joints or muscles or just needs some time out, a gift voucher can be ideal for them.

We’ve been asked about how are vouchers work, so here’s some information:

  1. Vouchers can be purchased by amount, e.g. £40 or by service, e.g. one reflexology treatment
  2. Vouchers are valid for 6 months, unless for a large amount, in which they are extended to 1 year
  3. Treatment recipients can add money to their voucher if they wish to receive a treatment of a greater value
  4. Vouchers are to be used at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage, 1 St Margaret’s Terrace, St Margaret’s Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  5. Vouchers can be for individuals or couples/for couples treatments
  6. Vouchers can be posted to you or directly to the recipient. Alternatively, we can provide an Email voucher

Gift vouchers can be used for any of our treatments. Here’s an example of our treatments:

If you are interested in purchasing a gift voucher for a friend who lives in Gloucestershire please call 01242 255440 or see our online order page