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Hopi Ear Candles – Our New (Old) Treatment

Posted on 14/02/2018

Hopi Ear Candles have been used for centuries to aid the cleansing of the ear and surrounding passages and to improve relaxation.

In the past, there’s been some confusion of what ear candles can actually do.  Some articles still suggest that ear candles suck wax out of the ear. Quite simply, they do not do this! The candles have a filter in them and the wax residue that you can see inside the candle after burning is actually from the candle itself. It is not possible for wax to move from your ear, through a filter and into a candle.

The process of ear candling is gentle and relaxing. The candle creates a chimney effect and when the candle is in the ear the client will feel a gentle, warming sucking action.

To see more about the benefits of Hopi Ear Candles see more on our Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage Ear Candling web page