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How Does Reflexology Work – Do you want to find out more?

Posted on 08/10/2019

Reflexology is an amazing therapy that involves working pressure onto particular zones of the feet in order to create a response in the body.  

Most people find Reflexology to be extremely relaxing and it’s not unusual to hear snoring sounds coming from the treatment rooms!


Aims of Reflexology

As with many holistic therapies, Reflexology aims to help the body to reach the state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is defined as a ‘constant internal environment’.  This state is required for your body & mind to be functioning at its optimum.


Theories of Reflexology Principles

There are many theories as to how Reflexology actually helps the body to function more effectively. There are ancient, Asian and European influences on the development of Reflexology and these, along with modern-day research have created a whole spectrum of beliefs in Reflexology methodology.

Some Reflexologists work with the energy (Chi) in the body, working along meridians and acupressure points, similar to acupuncture.  Other professional therapists work with zones on the feet, by stimulating nerves that physically connect to different areas of the body.

If you would like to find out more about Reflexology why not attend our talk at our H-KEW event on October 17th 2019 at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage? We will explain how Reflexology works and how it could be helpful to you. We also have mini 20-minute treatments available for only £15.

The event will be relaxed, informative and fun, ideal for family and friends to enjoy together.

Book your ticket at our Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage booking site