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Menopause Help

Posted on 14/09/2023

Going through the menopause can be a difficult time for women as well as their partners and families. Our hormone levels are changing and these changes can play havoc with how we react and respond to situations, with sometimes no logical reason why.

The main symptoms of the menopause are;

Not everyone will experience these symptoms and people’s diet, medication, exercise and lifestyle will affect how each individuals symptoms will show.

One way to help reduce these is to look at natural therapies.  Reflexology can be used to target all of these areas and can aid in a welcome relief helping you feel more rebalanced.  Your therapist will work on key reflex points, for example the pineal gland regulates the rhythm of your sleep, or the head reflex when worked on can aid with reducing headaches.

The pituitary gland regulates all the hormones and so by working this reflex point, your therapist can help to steady those hormones that are currently out of balance.

As well as work on key reflex points, Reflexology is also a very relaxing treatment and people feel very calm and restored afterwards.

In addition to reflexology, massage can also bring relief to women going through the menopause.  Whether it’s a Swedish massage targeting the areas that ache, or an Indian head massage that can also ease tension headaches; both can offer relief.

If you are going through the menopause and would like to try an alternative treatment, please give us a call on 01242 255440 or book online.