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Reflexology week 18th – 24th September

Posted on 15/09/2023

Interested in finding out more about Reflexology?

Reflexology is a treatment that is suitable for most people – babies, children, teenagers, elderly – and can be used to help both physical and emotional wellbeing.  It is a very relaxing treatment and many clients who have had treatments with us, share how calm and relaxed they feel afterwards.

So how can reflexology help you? Well you may have an underlying concern that you would like addressing like sciatica, menopause symptoms, improving your sleep or support with conceiving, for example. Our therapists will listen and adapt the treatment to focus on those areas on the feet where the reflex points may be out of balance.

You may just want to have a general rebalancing of the body.  By working on the reflex points, the Reflexologist will be able to feel and work on those specific areas that are out of balance. The feet have over 15000 nerve endings and these send messages to the brain which in turn sends messages to those areas that are out of balance to help heal the body.

Don’t worry if you have ticklish feet – the treatment is more like a massage and so most people are able to receive the treatment without the fear of it tickling.

Give us a call on 01242 255440 or book online through our website to try this amazing treatment.