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Relax and look after your body and mind in 2020

Posted on 07/01/2020


Do you yearn to relax and look after your body and mind in 2020?

The new year, especially when it’s a new decade, can often feel like a good time to re-assess our wants and needs for the future.  Perhaps you’ve been thinking about changing jobs or travelling overseas. Most of us mull over the smaller decisions in life at this time of year.

I wonder how many people joined a gym or started a new exercise class in Cheltenham in January?  Diet adverts are on the t.v. all the time at the moment, telling us to cease the day. Perhaps you have given up something; chocolate, meat or alcohol?

The simplest 2020 resolution may be just to look after yourself more.  This might consist of going for more walks, taking time out to enjoy quiet moments, meeting with friends more, allowing time to have a relaxing bath or doing something else for you that nurtures you as a person. Seeking out a service that you enjoy, like a massage or facial can also provide you with a restorative experience that makes you feel both rested and energised.

At Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage, we believe in nourishing the body and mind.  Most of our clients come back to see us again and again and say that they benefit both physically and psychologically from the treatments they receive.  All of our treatments; reflexology, massage and facials, are provided by caring therapists who provide a relaxing and therapeutic touch.

We treat women, men and children at our premises in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  We are open 6 days per week and have evening appointments also available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We want our customers to feel looked after and nurtured, so they leave us feeling restored and ready for another day.