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Skin Care – How to make your skin healthier

Posted on 05/06/2018

I’ve seen some really interesting facial clients this week. Most people have had dehydrated skin and 2 had congestion and just didn’t know what to do!
Group Facial workshop
There are so many myths about what to use on our skin, so here’s a few tips I’ve mentioned to people this week:
1. If you have sensitive skin treat it gently – avoid scrubs and heat, even if you have congestion – there’s many other options to get rid of blackheads.  Using scrubs may irritate your skin, making it red and scratchy. Calming sensitive skin is definitely the way to go.
2. If you have oily skin don’t be afraid to moisturise – many people feel that adding more moisture onto oily skin will make it even more oily. This is probably not the case.  Sometimes, the skin produces more oil when it feels too dry as a rescue remedy.  If we moisturise the skin will eventually become more balanced.
3. Exfoliate if your skin allows – people with sensitive skin can exfoliate but they need to use a soft grainy powder or a chemical exfoliant.  Exfoliating definitely helps to remove those pesky dead skin cells that sit on our faces and clog our pores. As we age, we definitely need exfoliation as the skin needs more help with this process.  If you want clean and bright skin, exfoliation is the way forward!
4. Use SPF of at least 30 and possibly 50 – This needs to be daily, especially as we age.  Skin damage starts when we are young and it’s easier to prevent it then try to treat it when we have pigmentation and wrinkles that can make us look older.
Why not come along to our skincare event on Thursday 7th June at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage: