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Emma & Freddie

Posted on 22/08/2017

22nd August 2017

Hi Kerry,
Just want to say a massive thank you.. I came to see you with my son Freddie who has been on movicol every day since he was 6 months old.. (Now being 3!!) You taught me how to massage his tummy properly and his feet and I am so so Happy that since that day he has had movicol once since the 25th of may! I massage him every other day and he’s been going regularly! Thank you so much!! Xx

Still can’t thank you enough.. He’s pain free 99% of the time and is so much more comfortable in him self. We’ve noticed such a change in him, he’s now eating so much better trying new things and actually finishing his meals, rather than a mouthful every now and then when he’s uncomfortable​ he’s also putting on weight which is brilliant as that was one of my biggest concerns. Now I wish you also worked miracles on tantrums lol xx