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The Key to Happiness: Having Your Needs Met

Posted on 03/11/2019

Are you happy?
Research has shown that happiness comes from having our needs met. We came across this article from Psych Central that explains the range of human needs we have.  
At different times of our lives we can put the needs of others first.  Most commonly, this is when we have children and they are dependant on us.  It’s only natural that we put our dependants first but if a parent is sleep deprived, feels exhausted, emotionally and physically drained they can struggle during this period.  
As many people are now seeking a ‘work-life balance’, in order to provide more time for themselves, it will be interesting to see how they choose to spend this extra time.  Will it be spending more time with family, going to the gym, sleeping more, exercising regularly, going out for meals or the cinema or receiving services like beauty or holistic treatments.  Good quality activities don’t need to cost anything; a walk in the crisp air or sunshine can make us feel ‘alive’ and more energised.
Identifying your needs, creating a plan of how to meet them and  then putting that plan into action can only be done by you! What will you do to ensure your needs are being met this week?  
If you have decided to meet some of your needs this week through massage, reflexology or a purifying and relaxing facial please do contact us on 01242 255440 to book your appointment. Alternatively, message us or email us at
See the article about happiness and your needs at Psychcentral: