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Timeline of your Face

Posted on 05/08/2019

At Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage our ProFacials Team like to keep our clients educated on the latest skin treatments and facts.

Have you ever woke up one morning and wondered how/why you have theses mysterious lines or wrinkles?

This is why….


In your 20s…

Transitioning from your teens into young adulthood your face begins to look more “womanly”, this is unfortunately, where the process of ageing begins.

In your early twenties you skin will continue looking plump and radiant as collagen growth is at its best, add 9 years and as you start to move towards your late twenties you will begin to see very early signs of wrinkles and movement lines as the collagen starts to decrease.

This is where those dreaded crow’s feet start to appear, they arrive earlier than any other wrinkle because of the thin layer of skin and lack of oil glands around the eye’s, because the skin is thin the elasticity is unable to bounce back to its original state.



In your 30s…

Still looking as youthful as ever, this is the decade where your skin may start to look tired and less radiant due to the slowing down of cell turn over as this begins to get weaker.

Expression lines begin to form – Lines on your forehead and between the eyebrows begin to appear as collagen and elastin becomes weaker, this can also lead to sagging.



In your 40s…

As you begin to move into your fabulous forties, forehead lines deepen, and smile lines also begin to appear. It is safe to say that a thicker and richer night moisturiser should be used as your skin may also start to feel some dryness.



In your 50s, 60s and beyond…

This is where the sun damage will really begin to show, if you are or were a sun worshiper sun damage and age will really begin to deepen lines and wrinkles and if that wasn’t enough, the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres – the support structure that hold up the skin, start sagging at an increased rate.


Here at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage we are now offering CACI Synergy facial treatments, the latest and most advanced model on the market.

CACI’s technology originated from the medical background, the high-tech machine was used to treat patients that suffered from stroke’s or had facial palsy.

This anti-aging non-invasive treatment is all about re-educating those muscles.

caci synergy facial treatments

For instance, think about going to the gym, the more you go the more you start to see better results, we recommend a course of ten treatments to re-educate but why not give one session ago to see the feel and see any benefit.

The CACI Synergy is advanced in its field with LED therapy, this working in unison with the microcurrent lifts, tones and will make your skin brighter, increasing collagen and elasticity.

Take a look at this before and after example of the CACI Eye Revive treatment.


If you’d like to try it for yourself – why not look at our pricelist and what we have on offer;