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Child / Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflexology

Puberty can be a confusing time. Hormones can affect skin health, sleep and emotions. Reflexology can help to balance these hormones and improve a young person’s sense of wellbeing.

Treatment timings depend on the age of the child and their ability to lay comfortably for a set period.

Babies and infants can benefit from reflexology. Treatment sessions are short and the pressure used is very gentle.

Reflexology may help with:

  • colic and digestive issues
  • sleep issues

Reflexology is a relaxing and balancing therapy, perfect for children.

Massage is given to the feet and then the reflexologist will gently press areas to work on reflexes. We can also provide reflexology on the hands and find this a useful tool with active little ones.

Baby & Infant Reflexology – £35

Children up to age 12 years – (30 mins approx) – £35