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Hopi Ear Candles

Traditionally made by Hopi Indians, Hopi ear candles have been used for centuries to aid the cleansing of the ear passages.

The candles we use follow ancient formulations of ingredients and are made from pure beeswax.  The hollow tubes are moulded from natural linen fabric, impregnated with honey and powdered Indian medicinal herbs including: – Sage, St Johns Wort and Camomile.

The treatment of Hopi Ear Candles lasts approximately 40 minutes. It begins with the therapist placing the candle in one of the ears and allowing it to burn to a safe level. The ear candle is then removed and extinguished in water. The second ear is then treated with a new candle.

The use of candles is followed up with some pressure point massage on the face.  This helps to relieve pressure and stimulates the flow of blood and lymph in the facial region.


The benefits of Hopi ear candles include:

  • Ear or sinus problems,  including Sinusitis
  • Irritations in the nose – Rhinitis
  • Soothing effects for stress-related symptoms
  • Noises and ringing in the ears – Tinnitus
  • Build up of earwax*
  • Pressure regulation for conditions such as: – headaches, migraines, sinusitis and Rhinitis
  • Stimulation to blood and lymph flow
  • Stimulation of energy circulation

The only contra-indications listed for this treatment include perforated eardrums, where grommets have been inserted or allergies to any of the ingredients in the ear candles.

* Ear candles do not suck out ear wax, but can loosen the wax within the ear canal.


The Hopi ear candles we use, carry the CE label and are certified medical products class IIa, according to medical device directive 93/42/EEC.


A Hopi Ear Candle appointment is 40 minutes long and costs £53

For your ear candle appointment call us on 01242 255440