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Pregnancy Treatments

Pregnancy Massage Cheltenham

We offer treatments during pregnancy, including reflexology and massage.

Pregnancy changes a lady’s body and posture. The body’s muscles work hard to support the pregnant body and with the additional of baby weight and postural changes the muscles can tire.

Pregnancy massage can help to alleviate aches and pains, improve sleep and general well-being.

Massage is usually provided with the lady laying on her side on the massage couch.

Reflexology is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment that can help to alleviate numerous symptoms common in pregnancy. It induces relaxation and can play a positive role in the well-being of mum-to-be.

At Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage we also offer ante-natal birth partner massage tuition.

Reflexology during pregnancy can be wonderful. Pregnancy Reflexology can help with lots of things that can accompany pregnancy, like aches and pains, sleep issues, constipation, sore legs, brain fog, minor headaches and so much more.

We have used reflexology successfully over many years to help people in all trimesters with nausea and sickness and have seen how reflexology has aided a general feeling of well-being in pregnancy.

Massage is safe during all trimesters in pregnancy. All of our therapists have additional training in pregnancy massage.  We generally ask the pregnant client to lay on their side to receive massage.  We try our best to help you to get comfortable and have lots of pillows to hand!

Pregnancy massage doesn’t need to just include light stroking touches. If you prefer firmer massage this is absolutely fine.  We also include stretches to help you feel more comfortable after your treatment.

We like to give partners some special skills so they can help their pregnant partner during pregnancy and through labour. We offer a 60 minute learning session where the birth partner is taught massage techniques that can be used in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy and in the first stage of labour.

Becoming a new mum is exciting but can also be tiring, with the body going through many changes. Choose from a single treatment or a specialist package, allowing for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.  If Mum is more relaxed you will also have a more relaxed baby.

Pregnancy Reflexology (55 mins) – £55


Pregnancy massage

Back massage (40 mins) – £48

Full-body massage and a different combination available with the following timings:

60 mins – £63

75 mins – £75

90 mins – £90


Mum-to-be R&R

This 2 hour treatment is designed to relax and restore the mum-to-be. Enjoy a back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Massage of the lower arms, wrists and hands, legs, ankles and feet is also included. All aimed at reducing water retention and easing muscle tension. Reflexology can be offered to help balance the body.

Stop for a refreshing cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate whilst having your feet soaked in a warm salt bath. This will soften feet and help with general circulation.



*Please note that there is a 100% charge for any appointments made and not attended or with less than 48 hours notice, as we are likely to be unable to fill that treatment slot.