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Posted on 18/03/2022

We offer a range of massage therapies, such as Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Deep Tissue massage. Indian Head massages can help to treat problems like insomnia, migraines and headaches, and upper back and neck tension. The treatment involves work on the upper back, neck and shoulders, the arms, and the face and scalp. It is also a lovely , relaxing treatment to have – perfect for de-stressing.

The use of hot stones during massage treatments are very beneficial for releasing deep muscle tension. The heat from the stones allows your therapist to work deeper into the muscle tissue. The added warmth also boosts circulation and can ease joint pain and inflammation.

Our Reflexology treatments are much more than just a foot massage. It begins with a relaxing massage but then your therapist will use their thumbs to stimulate a range of nerves over the feet. These nerves send messages to other parts of the body which aids relaxation and restoration! Reflexology can help with relieving symptoms such as headaches, back pain, digestion, sleep, fertility, anxiety and so much more.

All of our treatments are bespoke, so at Cheltenham Reflexology and Massage we suit each of our treatments to our individual clients based on their needs and desired outcomes.
To book a treatment with us you can ring us at 01242 255440, email us at or message us on Facebook!